Why is antifragility worth exploring?

Suppose you are in charge of strategic management. Or digital strategy. Or any other area that is focused on the future. Then you most probably rely on prediction.

It might be satisfying to forecast and evaluate risks and invest heavily in the identification of procedures to avoid or minimise their impact. But it is frustrating to discover after completing all the work, that the world looks different anyway. And that you only prepared for risks that you could come up with.

Antifragile systems and
gain from disorder

The same goes for opportunities. Due to shiny but narrow predictions, the organisation and the systems are prepared for only one kind of future. If new opportunities suddenly appear, response takes too long.

In today’s economy that’s a recipe for failure.


Antifragility is a concept that moves away from prediction. It focuses on ways to endure chaos, to absorb variation and to benefit from volatility.

It makes organisations and systems better prepared for any risk. And any opportunity.